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Musicians engage against the threat of nuclear war and climate change

The aim of this initiative is to improve awareness among the population about the risk of nuclear war and to reach many people in this way. The aim of these pages is to draw attention to the risks, but no political demands are associated with this. Further information on the objectives (length: 1 page): www.fwes.info/imanw-ziele-en.pdf

Musicians have an enormous charisma and their music has a great effect, also with regard to international understanding. Musicians could be supportive in many ways, e.g. through information on their website, through hints during a live concert or through special peace songs.

Musicians and bands who would like to be mentioned here https://mit-musik-gegen-atomkrieg.de/Unterstuetzer/ can send us an email to mail(at)akav.de.
If a large number of musicians join in, this can lead to an initiative comparable to the initiatives “Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War” (www.ippnw.de) and “Advocates against Nuclear Weapons” (www.ialana.de). Musicians can reach far more people with their messages than other initiatives and can thus make an important contribution to reducing the risk of nuclear war.

This call is addressed to all musicians, both internationally known and only regionally active.