With music against nuclear war

Musicians against nuclear war and climate change


Musicians engage against the threat of nuclear war and climate change

The climate crisis and the risk of nuclear war will become increasingly threatening to humanity as a whole in the coming years and decades, and there are correlations between these risks that reinforce them.

The fight against climate change shows that large protest actions by the population can achieve certain effects, even if these are not sufficient at present. Many experts also warn against the threat of nuclear war, especially accidental nuclear war (see, for example, https://atomkrieg-aus-versehen.de/hinweise/ ). However, the population lacks knowledge and the necessary awareness of this danger. The aim of these pages is to improve this awareness.

Musicians have an enormous charisma and their music has a great effect, also regarding an international understanding. Musicians can reach many people with peace messages and support them in many ways, e.g. by providing relevant information on their website, by giving hints during a live concert or by singing special peace songs. These pages are aimed at very well known musicians as well as locally known musicians of all musical genres. 


Notes on
"unintended nuclear war":

On these pages under nuclear war risk or at unintended-nuclear-war.eu:

Nuclear War Risk

There are already some initiatives that point out the nuclear war risk with a lot of information

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