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Success of Music

Measures such as those described in “Music Actions” can have an enormous effect and possibly prevent a nuclear war by mistake without ever being known. Why this is so is described here.

Trust and agreements on communication in conflict situations between potential warring parties (nuclear weapon states) are worse today than in Cold War times. Situation and risk are shown here: page, PDF

In the event of an alert in an early warning system about attacking nuclear missiles, those on duty have to assess the situation and possibly trigger a nuclear counter-strike before the enemy missiles strike. Since the data on which an assessment is based is vague, uncertain and incomplete, no reliable assessment of the situation is possible, not even with the help of artificial intelligence methods. Which decision is taken in such a situation can depend on many aspects, such as

  • the current condition or attitude of a person on duty,
  • the extent to which there is currently a crisis situation, possibly with threats,
  • whether such an attack is currently expected of the opponent,
  • whether there is a possibility of communication to find an explanation for the alarm.

Therefore, it is urgent that measures and agreements are made between the nuclear powers so that in a crisis situation there is a certain level of trust and communication channels to prevent a war by mistake.

Activities of the peace movement, also with the help of music, can thus directly contribute to raising awareness of these risks among politicians and the military and can thus provide more pressure to take appropriate measures for prevention.

If a war is prevented because measures were taken in time to create the necessary communication channels and corresponding trust for crisis situations, this can be caused with the help of music. Such success, however, will not be measurable or detectable. However, these considerations show how important the actions of musicians and the peace movement are.

Contributions to improving trust on a political level between nuclear powers can be made by all measures that serve to improve international understanding, such as

  • cultural events, including music and concerts,
  • cooperation on a scientific level,
  • economic cooperations,
  • etc.