enormous impact possible

Music effects

Musicians have always had an enormous charisma and their music has a unique effect. Music connects people far beyond borders! Music connects directly with emotions and manages to convey a message that is not possible with “normal” communication. We want to use this power and inspire musicians from all directions to play peace messages out into the world, ideally in all concerts and on all occasions: Imagine all the people!!!

We love music and we believe we have a mission in these challenging times to save the earth with music! We are convinced that music can do that and that you musicians out there in the world can do so much to help our world find peace on all levels!

Our motto: With positive vibes and the power of music we win against the negative radiation of the nuclear threat!

Our vision: To create a worldwide network of musicians, a worldwide movement over years. Maybe, over the years, a “peace song” will emerge, played at many concerts, with short references to the threat of nuclear weapons. Such a message could not be overheard by the military and politicians.