Many alternatives possible

Music Actions

Musicians have an enormous charisma and music has a great effect, also in terms of international understanding. With the help of musicians, a broad public could be reached over a longer period of time, especially at live concerts. The prerequisite for this would be that very many people participate.

As possible actions there are many alternatives, such as:

  • Writing peace songs, playing them.
  • During a concert, e.g. before or after a peace song, point out the nuclear war risk in a few sentences.
  • During a concert, display a poster in the background with references to the risk of nuclear war.
  • Provide information about the risk of nuclear war on your own homepage, e.g. in the form of links to these pages or another page of the peace movement (e.g. ICAN).
  • Join in at .

Overall situation:

  • If many musicians join in, this could create a worldwide movement over several years. It is to be expected that newspapers, radio and television will also respond, which would increase the impact.
  • In the course of time, perhaps a peace song could emerge that is played at every concert by all artists who participate, comparable to football, where “you’ll never walk alone” is sung in many large stadiums.